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Wide range of applications

The plate heat exchanger is an energy-saving and compact heat exchange equipment, which is common in refrigeration technology and can be used as condenser, evaporator, recuperator, and intercooler heat exchange equipment. Compared with the traditional shell and tube heat exchanger, the volume is only 1/3-1/6 of shell and tube, the weight is only 1/2-1/5 of shell and tube, the required refrigerant charge is only 1/7 of shell and tube, and the heat transfer efficiency is 2-5 times higher than shell and tube heat exchanger, which has the advantages of energy-saving, economy, compact structure, and easy disassembly. The heat transfer efficiency is 2-5 times higher than that of the shell and tube heat exchanger.

New requirements for refrigeration

With the continuous development of refrigeration technology, new requirements for the use of refrigerants, such as carbon dioxide, hydroxide, and other refrigerant refrigeration systems have been put forward. RuiNeng HaoYu always pays attention to the development of the industry technology and constantly improves its products to make them compatible with it.

The refrigerant in the refrigeration plate heat exchanger evaporation, it is easy to achieve evaporation to the extent of no liquid, so in most cases, refrigeration systems do not need to set up gas-liquid separators, and extremely easy to achieve unitization, simple and convenient installation, maintenance and transportation can save money and reduce costs.

The basic requirements for the use of heat exchangers in refrigeration equipment

1, the plate heat exchanger for refrigeration equipment, due to the higher pressure of the refrigerant side (high about 25 bar), strong permeability, should be selected specifically for the refrigeration industry production of the high-pressure brazed plate heat exchanger.

2, heat transfer coefficient is an important indicator to measure the heat transfer efficiency of heat exchangers. With the increase in heat requirements per unit volume of refrigeration units, the unit volume of heat transfer area of plate heat exchangers used in refrigeration equipment is also increased accordingly. Water-cooled and glycol-cooled units using energy-saving compact stainless steel brazed plate heat exchanger, heat transfer efficiency than shell and tube type has increased significantly, but the fouling rate is the only shell and tube condenser 1 / 10.

Key technologies.

Solutions for domestic refrigeration - in cooling and refrigeration processes, air conditioning of offices and industrial buildings, cooling of ice rinks, etc. We offer solutions that can handle aggressive fluids and can cope with high pressure and low-temperature environments.

Industrial refrigeration solutions - In industrial process refrigeration, such as in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries in China, we offer indirect systems that keep the total refrigerant volume low, ensure that leaks are quickly controlled, and assist in energy recovery.

Marine refrigeration solutions - In the field of marine refrigeration and air conditioning, our equipment can be widely used in fishing vessels, gas carriers/LPG, cruisers and ferries, food carriers, cargo ships, etc.

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