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Paper Industry Solutions

An effective way to save energy Energy costs in the paper-making process account for a significant portion of the total costs. Reducing energy consumption is an important measure to reduce costs, increase profits and protect the environment. RuiNeng HaoYu will provide you with more economical and reasonable heat exchange solutions in energy recovery and wastewater treatment. Paper cooking black liquor has high heat generation and good combustibility, which is an important self-produced energy source for the paper industry. RuiNeng HaoYu's products can be used as a series of comprehensive energy-saving key equipment in the black liquor concentration process, which is an important initiative to improve the energy use and environmental protection of paper mills. Paper and cellulose products are highly energy concentrated processes. Continued increases in energy prices are forcing product costs up. A better way to gain an advantage in the paper industry is to reduce energy requirements when using fewer system components. Rinnen Hoau plate heat exchanger systems with a full range of detachable, fully welded and brazed plate heat exchangers (PHE) provide a good solution for all process stages, applications, temperatures, and pressure levels. The use of our equipment also facilitates the continuous reduction of energy costs, the optimization of energy consumption in production processes such as cellulose production, heat recovery and wastewater treatment, and the expansion of application areas.


 Processes for cellulose production.

Wood pulp production and homogenizer mechanical wood pulp process

Steam circulation circuit and condensate treatment

Pulping and bleaching

Leaching and chemical regeneration

Various other intermediate circuits Processes for paper production.

Intermediate circuits for pulp preparation and waste paper deinking (re-pulping, suspension, flotation, bleaching, and pulping)

Water removal and forming

Roll cooling in the drying zone of the paper machine

In surface treatment (coating zone)

Size heating

Wastewater cooling

The detachable and fully welded plate heat exchanger system of Rinnenhoyu guarantees reliable performance in operation. The special plate design induces a turbulent behavior, which allows a huge reduction in energy consumption and achieves a high heat transfer. Due to the lower material investment, the installation and operation costs of these high-efficiency plate heat exchangers are much less than those of similar systems on the market, and the space requirements of the equipment are much lower. At the same time, the heat transfer is significantly higher due to the great improvement in efficiency.

Key technologies. Energy-saving heat exchange solutions - RuiNeng HaoYu plate heat exchanger can be used as a dilute black heat exchanger, pure water heat exchanger, the scrubber heat exchanger in the black liquor concentration process, etc. We can provide you with a good-quality plate heat exchanger that can adapt to different heat exchange conditions.

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