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HVAC Solutions

Thermal efficiency solutions for a new energy century

The quest for comfort in living and office environments never ends. Building contractors around the world are looking for functionally reliable and cost-effective products to meet the application of comfort heating and cooling systems. Tangshan Ruineng Hoyu heat exchangers have conquered the hearts of users with perfect performance and service and are widely used in district heating, domestic hot water, pool water heating, district cooling, central cooling, heat pumps, geothermal heat harvesting, ice storage, pressure blocking and other types of heating, ventilation and air conditioning working conditions. Especially in the cooling system, Ruineng Hoyu is one of the few companies in the world that has the technology to control the temperature difference between two circulation loops, i.e., the minimum logarithmic mean temperature difference below 0.5.

Based on decades of exploration and research in our field of expertise and over 120,000 installations and operations of heat exchange equipment, we continue to develop advanced technologies to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. For each country's design habits, RuiNeng HaoYu's experts record and analyze a large amount of technical data from many countries around the world to provide total HVAC system solutions. Our services range from private homes to whole city heating and cooling.

Rinnen Hoau plate heat exchanger systems offer a good plate heat exchanger design for every application. We offer the right solution for every problem in building construction.

Main applications.

Daily hot water.

The good heat transfer performance makes the plate heat exchanger gradually replace the traditional vessel-type heating system with a smaller footprint and more economical investment. (Figure 1)

Pool water heating.

Install the heat exchanger to make the pool water circulate independently. To avoid corrosion of the plate by chlorine ions in the pool water, please choose the plate material carefully. (Figure 2)

Solar energy harvesting.

Solar energy is gaining more and more attention as one of the cleanest energy sources. By using a heat exchanger, the loop for collecting solar energy and the loop for domestic hot water can be separated, thus effectively protecting the cleanliness of the domestic hot water loop. (Figure 3)

Ice storage cooling system.

The use of heat exchangers in ice storage systems can isolate water and glycol solutions, bringing an increase in return on investment. (Figure 4)

Ground-source and water-source heat pumps.

The heat exchanger acts as a separation device between the heat pump host and the open cold and heat source to overcome the corrosion of the water quality on the host and other sensitive equipment. (Figure 5)

High-rise building pressure barrier.

To avoid higher system pressures in high-rise buildings, plate heat exchangers are used for sub-regional pressure separation, thereby significantly reducing the large pumps and large piping used to overcome system pressures. (Figure 6)

(7) Open and closed circulating water system.

The use of a heat exchanger separates the open cooling circulation system and the closed circulation system of the unit, effectively protecting the cleanliness of the closed circulation system of the unit and extending the service life of the unit. (Figure 7)

Key technologies.

Small temperature difference heat exchange solutions - RuiNeng Hoyu plate type is designed to solve the small temperature difference in various environments heat exchange research and development, including MX series with shallow dense corrugated design. It can play an important role in the heat exchange of air-conditioning systems in super high-rise buildings. It has also been fully applied in ice storage and cooling technology.

Titanium plate heat exchanger - For ground source heat pump or desalination and other occasions that require titanium plate heat exchanger, RuiNeng Hoyu can choose a more economical and reliable heat exchange solution for you according to your needs.

Evaporation/Condensation Solutions - RuiNengHaoYu series plate heat exchanger is a professional product developed for various evaporation and condensation conditions, this series of products adheres to RuiNengHaoYu's consistent pursuit of high quality.

The heat transfer efficiency of the plate heat exchanger is usually 3-5 times that of the volumetric type, so the volume of this water tank is only 1/3-1/5 of the volume of the volumetric heat exchanger.

There are usually two sets of pumps in the system, one for the system external circulation that is the hot water system circulation, this pump will send hot water to each guest room, the other pump is between the tank and the plate exchange for the tank internal water circulation. The external circulation pump is usually open 24 hours, but when the water consumption is very small, the system temperature loss will be very small, then the unit heat source side temperature control valve closed, the external circulation of water only in the tank and the water supply system between the cycle, not through the plate exchange. This greatly reduces energy waste and protects the equipment at the same time. When the temperature of the tank is lower than the set temperature, the pump between the tank and the heat exchanger starts, and the temperature control valve on the heat source side opens for hot water heating, at this time all domestic hot water is heated by the heat exchanger, including the water inside the tank, and the heated hot water is directly sent to the water supply pipeline through the pipeline on the upper side of the tank and sent to each guest room. There is a hot and cold water separation device in the upper part of the tank, which can ensure that the heated hot water will not mix with the cold water inside the tank. When the temperature reaches the set temperature, the temperature control valve closes and the water pump between the plate exchange and buffer tank stops.

This design can save a lot of energy and maximize the service life of the equipment. At the same time, in many systems that originally used volumetric heat exchangers, because the pressure loss of volumetric heat exchangers is very small, the pressure loss of plate heat exchangers is usually larger than that of volumetric heat exchangers, if directly replaced with plate heat exchangers often have a hydraulic imbalance, domestic hot water cannot be circulated normally, or the cycle is very slow, and the design of the high link heat exchanger unit completely overcome this problem.

This system has an over-temperature protection sensor in the upper part of the tank, when the temperature exceeds the set temperature, the sensor sends a signal directly to the temperature control valve to shut down the system, and a signal to the control center alarm, to ensure that there will be no problem of high water temperature.

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