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Application of plate heat exchanger in chlorine and caustic soda industry

In the early days, the plate heat exchanger was only used in the light industry sector such as high-temperature de-bacterization of milk, juice processing, and beer brewing. With the improvement of manufacturing technology, corrosion-resistant plate materials and high-temperature and corrosion-resistant gasket materials slowly emerged, and the plates were gradually enlarged. At present. The plate heat exchanger has been widely used in a variety of chemical industries, food industry, metallurgical industry, petroleum industry, power station, machinery, sewage treatment, etc. The plate heat exchanger in the chlorine, caustic soda industry applications:

1, the cooling and heating of circulating chlorine brine

2, the cooling and heating of chlorine gas from the brine

3, the cooling of chlorine saturated coolant

4, the cooling of the circulating solution from the reactor, the above plate materials are titanium.

5Cooling of concentrated sulfuric acid from chlorine drying tower

6Cooling of concentrated sodium hydroxide solution from electrolytic tank

7Cooling of filtered concentrated sodium hydroxide solution

8Cooling of dilute sodium hydroxide solution

9Cooling of hydrogen gas, using an all-welded plate heat exchanger.

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The importance of plate heat exchangers in the chemical industry

In the early days, plate heat exchangers were mostly used in milk de-bacterization or the processing of beer. At present, it has been used in a large number of industries as a compact heat exchange equipment. Through application practice, people gradually have a deeper understanding of its superiority. With the expansion of application fields and the progress of weaving technology, the plate heat exchanger has become a very important heat exchange equipment. The heat exchanger is found in the heating radiator used for heating in daily life, the condenser on the turbine unit, and the oil cooler on the aerospace rocket. It is also widely used in chemical, is there, power and atomic energy, and other industrial sectors. Advantages of plate heat exchanger: high heat transfer coefficient, large logarithmic mean temperature difference, large NTU (turbidity), strong temperature and pressure resistance, small footprint, lightweight, low fouling coefficient, easy cleaning, etc. It is used for heat exchange, and its application in the chemical industry can be either to exchange relative amount of heat in relative time, or to recover heat for waste heat utilization, or to ensure the equipment for textile temperature rise and cause pressure rise causing some equipment to be damaged. Traditional heat exchangers have disadvantages such as large floor space, low heat transfer efficiency, need for large heat transfer temperature difference, ease to scale, etc. They are not suitable for large heat exchange and are not suitable for mass use in the chemical industry. The plate heat exchanger has high heat transfer efficiency, small temperature difference, strong anti-fouling, and anti-scaling ability, high heat transfer coefficient, and can adapt to places with high critical load, which is becoming more and more technically mature and will be more widely used in the chemical industry in the future. In short, the plate heat exchanger in the chemical industry has a variety of applications, the current status has occupied a great significance, the development is bound to be towards the ranks of diversification.

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