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Power industry solutions

Heat Recovery

Electricity is a good secondary energy source, which has a certain proportion in the utilization of energy, and electric power technology has changed the way of life of people. Thermal power generation, fueled by coal and petroleum, brings a huge amount of energy to people, but also generates waste gas and waste materials, which leads to environmental pollution. Therefore, the development of high-parameter units, the improvement of thermal power plant efficiency, and the development of combined heat and power and gas-steam cycle units have become the development direction of thermal power generation.

RuiNeng HaoYu provides high-efficiency heat transfer products for cogeneration projects in the power industry. Subsequently, with the development of the power industry, more and more high-efficiency heat transfer products are used in closed cooling systems, thermal systems, and heat recovery systems in power plants, which provide optimized solutions for power plant-based systems in solving material corrosion, heat recovery, and utilization, and improving the power generation efficiency of the power industry.

For the different types of power generation used in power plants, SNHU has developed heat exchange solutions that can play an important role in the operation of the plant. We can help power plants improve their operational efficiency through fuel, lubricant, and wastewater treatment, and provide solutions for freshwater generation. SNHU can also help power plants maximize energy use in numerous heating and cooling processes, and assist them in creating energy by using waste heat and steam to generate new energy in a way that saves energy.

Large closed-loop water cooler

In the power industry, for the special working conditions of the medium heat exchange, the demand for large processing capacity, high heat transfer efficiency, a low-pressure drop of the large closed-loop water cooler more and more, while the conventional plate heat exchanger due to the limitations of the plate type and angle hole, not suitable for use in large flow, the small temperature difference in the working conditions. In response to the needs of this special heat transfer field, RuiNeng HaoYu has successfully developed a new type of high-efficiency heat transfer equipment for large closed-circulation water coolers. The product has many performance advantages of the conventional plate heat exchanger, but at the same time can meet the large processing capacity, small temperature difference, low-pressure drop, and other needs, specifically in.


1、 Higher heat transfer coefficient and stronger pressure-bearing capacity: The unique plate sealing structure, double zigzag corrugated form, and mosaic diversion area make the product have a higher pressure-bearing capacity. 0.5mm thickness of the plate can bear 1.0Mpa working pressure, and 0.6mm thickness of the plate can bear 1.6Mpa working pressure, which also enhances the heat transfer performance of the product, and the heat transfer coefficient of the product can reach 6500W/m2..

2、 Strong sealing capacity, safe and reliable.

3、 The large water treatment capacity of a single machine.

4、 It realizes the large-scale of a plate heat exchanger and the application of special plates on the plate heat exchanger to meet various process requirements.

5、 The plate is accurately positioned and has a beautiful appearance.

6Product disassembly and maintenance are faster and more convenient.

6、 Larger aspect ratio to achieve small temperature difference heat transfer requirements

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