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A thousand miles of the dike is collapsed in an anthill. For ships that need to sail continuously at sea for long periods, a small equipment failure can cause a series of fatal problems that can seriously threaten the safety of the ship and crew. RuiNeng HaoYu plate heat exchanger: corrosion-resistant plates, compact design, and lightweight make our equipment suitable for sea voyages.

As the main equipment oil cooler, freshwater cooler, central cooler, diesel engine cooler, and cylinder liner water cooler on ships, RuiNengHaoYu heat exchanger equipment is widely used in tankers, LPG ships, container ships, bulk carriers, and engineering ships, playing an important role in the voyage of ships. Highly corrosive, easy to scale seawater operating conditions test the corrosion resistance and high performance of RuiNengHaoYu heat exchanger equipment, long and continuous operation test the safety and stability of RuiNengHaoYu heat exchanger equipment.

The ship cooling water system commonly has an open seawater system, closed freshwater cooling system, and central cooling system. The central cooling system separates seawater and freshwater pipelines, the freshwater pipelines are less corroded and clean, the management cost is low, and the system works reliably; the high temperature and low-temperature freshwater are cooled separately for different ship equipment, which makes the system adaptable and improves the equipment working performance.

The central cooling system is divided into hot freshwater for high temperature and warm freshwater for low temperature closed system. The former is used to cool the main engine, while the latter is used to cool the hot fresh water and various coolers. The heated warm freshwater is cooled in a central cooler by an open seawater system. Thus, only one cooler with seawater as a coolant is used, simplifying the arrangement of the seawater piping system.

The vast majority of oil coolers are water-cooled and are divided into three categories: tube, plate, and spiral copper tube according to different structural shapes.


RuiNeng HaoYu plate heat exchanger system can be used in the following areas onboard.

Lubricant cooling

Primary and accessory engines and/or worm gears of

Cooling of transmission, compressors, and other lubricants

Heavy oil and lubricant preheating

Preheating of seawater for freshwater production

Heat recovery

Heat exchange for air conditioning in passenger and cargo areas

Diesel fuel preheating

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