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Understanding the working principle of heat pipe heat exchanger laboratory

To fix the heat exchanger tube, a fixed frame is installed around the heat exchanger. Depending on the distribution position, the frame can be divided into upper and lower cover plates and side plates on both sides. In some specific places, another plate on both sides is needed for overall fixation; because of the need for effective heat exchange, we usually use seamless steel tubes with an outer diameter of 18 because of the small outer diameter and small internal space. The heat transfer speed is fast and the heat transfer efficiency is high.

The fins are 0.2~0.3mm thick carbon steel fins or galvanized fins, which are distributed on the surface of the mother tube by mechanical winding, and then fixed by welding positioning to prevent the fins from falling off loosely; to ensure the fluidity of the heat exchanger tube, the heat exchanger tube is connected to the heat exchanger tube by the 180-degree elbow, and the elbow material is chosen to be the same as the mother tube for easy welding. Welding should ensure the continuity and smoothness of the elbow and the connecting tube so that its internal fluidity can be better.

The heat exchanger interface is mainly customized according to the needs of the site. For example, if the customer needs to use flange on-site, then at the factory, we will use the national standard flange interface for the customer to install later. It can speed up the efficiency; as the working medium mother tube of the heat exchanger, the mother tube must meet the requirements of the overall design, otherwise, the overall heat transfer performance will not meet the requirements, which need to be measured by the system design software.

If customers provide drawings and requirements, we can customize them to ensure on-site replacement of gas piping requirements and design requirements.

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