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What is the difference between a plate cooler and a plate heat exchanger?

The plate cooler from the title we can understand is used to cool the heat exchanger, so what is the difference between it and the plate heat exchanger? In terms of shape and structure and plate heat exchanger is the same, plate heat exchanger is used for heat exchange, both for cooling, but also available for cooling.

The operation of industrial equipment will generate a lot of heat energy, which will shorten the service life of the machine for a long time, therefore, people often need to rely on coolers to cool the equipment, common coolers are gas coolers and liquid coolers.

Hefei wide letter plate cooler operating principle is as follows: because the chilled water (refrigerant fluid) and circulating cooling water (operating fluid) is not directly touching, they are through the heat exchange piece of circulating cooling water heat transfer to the chilled water, at this moment the higher temperature of circulating cooling water temperature drop to become low-temperature fluid, when the fluid on both sides of the heat exchange piece for constant temperature heat transfer, it contains three processes.

The first process: the convective heat transfer process in which the circulating cooling water (operating fluid) transfers heat to the wall of the heat exchanger; the second process: the heat conduction process through the heat exchanger; and the third process: the convective heat transfers from the wall of the heat exchanger on the other side to the chilled water (refrigerant fluid).

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