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Factors to consider when selecting a heat exchanger unit

The heat exchanger unit selected for this control method not only has the above-mentioned control functions but also has remote communication functions. It can choose different communication methods: wired (telephone dial-up, ADSL, broadband communication, etc.) or wireless (GPRS), etc. It supports the communication protocols of rice management (Ethernet, PPP protocol, TCP/IP protocol, etc.).

The most abundant portfolio of plate heat exchanger designs, more than 60 models, fully covering thermal conditions, unique plate heat exchanger design, the low flow rate can produce turbulent flow, low scaling tendency, patented inlet guide area to balance fluid distribution and avoid flow dead ends, super seal and seal groove with non-seize, non-leakage bayonet type. Longer service life gasket.

Digital display of operating parameters setting, convenient and reliable. Structural composition of the heating plate heat exchanger unit. The high energy efficiency ratio and the small volume of the steel heat exchanger are designed and manufactured by our company. The pump adopts imported or domestic high-quality vertical water pump, etc. Small installation space.

Easy to operate, easy to install and maintain. The heat exchanger control heat transfer adopts control components and systems of imported or domestic famous brands, with reliable operation, excellent performance, and a high degree of automation. Through simple training, you can master the operation of the heat exchanger units. Heated plate heat exchanger units are a series of products with various varieties and models. Users can choose according to their needs.

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